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Where to Find Print Shop in Kuala Lumpur

March 19, 2017 • English, Satu Ransel, Traveling

When you are on a trip in Kuala Lumpur or you are a digital nomad like me (not really), sometimes you would need to print out some documents because you need to submit some documents, be it for visa or banking purpose or something else, and for some reasons they are not as technology advanced […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

September 6, 2016 • Braces Life, English

One of my goals while I am staying in KL is not only to work and make money as much as possible, but also to do everything I wanted to do that I either kept delaying or just didn’t have a good opportunity to do back there in Jakarta. And now since I will be […]

Parks Parks Parks! Around Kuala Lumpur

If I have to say what one thing I like the most in Kuala Lumpur, it is about its parks! Especially because I was coming from Jakarta–before I got to KL–where parks are rarity. Indeed, for the last few years there have been new parks built in Jakarta. Since they are relatively new, you can’t […]


June 28, 2016 • Experiences, Traveling

Waktu yang dinanti-nanti akhirnya tiba! Waktu di mana aku tak perlu lagi bergelut dengan kemacetan dan berbagai kegilaan Jakarta. Tak terasa sudah 8 tahun sejak beranjak dari Bandung dan diam di Jakarta. Padahal salah satu cita-cita aku adalah untuk mengelilingi Nusantara dan dunia. Cukup sudah. Kini saatnya aku berangkat meninggalkan kota Jakarta. Sampai jumpa lagi! […]