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Removing Nasal Voice with a Pillow

November 5, 2017 • English, Self Reflection

Before we get into the topic, I want to make a disclaimer that this is not an expert’s advice, but a learner’s journal. I am here only to share and record my own journey to practice my vocal. If you are looking for advice or vocal techniques, sorry it’s not here. But if you want […]

Navigating Life

September 11, 2017 • English, Self Reflection, Uncategorized, Work Life

I know I have passed one quarter of a decade in this world already. I know I have grown up and matured living as an adult in an adult life. Still, often than not, I find it difficult to live the adult life like everyone else does. I feel like I don’t belong there. A […]

Never Stop Learning: Human Personalities

September 4, 2017 • English, Self Reflection

About two years ago, I was struck in love when I expected it the least. Too bad it didn’t work out well. However, I sensed something. Something that could be the reason. Something important. Looking all around between love and me, I found that it didn’t come alone though, as it also brought anxiety and […]

Can you see the sky?

July 31, 2016 • English, Self Reflection, Work Life

When talking about dreams, one popular quote I often hear in Indonesia is to hang your dreams as high as stars in the sky. “Gantungkanlah cita-citamu setinggi bintang di langit.” Followed by a question, “What is your dream?” Most often this topic is addressed to students, especially during freshmen years.  Then as we graduate and […]

Dear My Friends

June 12, 2016 • English, Self Reflection

Dear my friends, Sometimes there are ups and downs in life. Sometime it’s so up high that I didn’t notice my surrounding. Sometime it’s so down that I wished I could have you on my side. Sometime I just missed you so much that I kept calling your names. As time passed, we are all taking […]

Beyond Denial: Fear Based Living

March 20, 2016 • English, Self Reflection

This year is dedicated for me to work on exploring and discovering who I really am so I can live an authentic and fulfilling life. Part of the effort to identify myself is by labeling personal traits. I could find some symptoms which hinders me to live a fulfilling life. And recently I just found another term […]

Stuff is not important. People are. Fun is. Passion is.

February 21, 2016 • English, Self Reflection

When we were born, we didn’t bring anything to the world. And when we die, we wouldn’t bring anything from the world. Then why would we live our lives accumulating stuffs and being attached with them which only lose all their meaning once we leave this world? It is very common for people to acquire […]

Mahalnya Tinggal di Jakarta Dibayar oleh ‘Nyawa’

January 29, 2016 • Bahasa Indonesia, Self Reflection

Seseram itukah tinggal di Jakarta!? Tidak juga sih. Judulnya memang sengaja dibuat ekstrim. Tapi begitulah kesimpulan yang aku tarik dari tinggal di Jakarta selama delapan tahun ini. Nyawa bicara soal kehidupan. Kehidupan manusia dibatasi oleh usia. Delapan tahun yang telah berlalu selama aku tinggal di Jakarta terasa seperti baru kemarin saja. Waktu terus berlalu dan […]

My Life in a Diagram

January 16, 2016 • English, Self Reflection

Today is the middle of January. All the hype and euforia of new year celebration has gone by now. Television and social media are no longer filled with “new year resolution” broadcasts. But you know that there is something more matter. Have you written down your own new year resolution? Years after years it’s always […]

Hidup Sosial Tanpa Media Sosial: Bulan #2

Oke, ini merupakan postingan penutup dalam seri Hidup Sosial Tanpa Media Sosial. Sebuah tulisan refleksi sebagai kesimpulan setelah dua bulan menutup diri dari media sosial dan membuka diri untuk sosialisasi di dunia nyata. Media sosial: antara butuh dan tidak butuh Dua bulan ini membuat aku bisa memisahkan dua hal penting dari penggunaan media sosial: untuk […]