A Jar of Minds

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Navigating Life

September 11, 2017 • English, Self Reflection, Uncategorized, Work Life

I know I have passed one quarter of a decade in this world already. I know I have grown up and matured living as an adult in an adult life. Still, often than not, I find it difficult to live the adult life like everyone else does. I feel like I don’t belong there. A […]

Can you see the sky?

July 31, 2016 • English, Self Reflection, Work Life

When talking about dreams, one popular quote I often hear in Indonesia is to hang your dreams as high as stars in the sky. “Gantungkanlah cita-citamu setinggi bintang di langit.” Followed by a question, “What is your dream?” Most often this topic is addressed to students, especially during freshmen years.  Then as we graduate and […]

Launching Nualus.net

November 25, 2013 • English, Web Programming, Work Life

Starting up a company is not as simple as signing up a Paypal account. Signing up a Paypal account is still much straightforward. Actually, opening up a local bank account is still simpler than registering a company. Prior registering a company, there are number of legal documents required. And these documents have to be obtained […]

BiNus Job Expo

October 15, 2008 • Bahasa Indonesia, College Life, Work Life

Tanggal 21 22 ini ada job expo.. kalo yg lagi nyari kerjaan emang bisa dateng aja langsung ke binus… tapi kalo yg baru2 semester awal n ga niat nyari kerjaan disini, itu artinya LIBUR