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Sok Geura Atuh, Geura Atuh Sok

In the blog series of Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese, we have discussed about words which are often used by Sundanese people when speaking Indonesian. Three of which are sok, atuh, and geura. What’s unique in Sundanese dialect is that these three words alone can be combined in any order to form a sentence and […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: mah

Continuing the series, we have previously discussed a commonly used particle téh. Now I will add another similar particle which is also commonly used in Sundanese dialects: mah. This particle is not unique to Sundanese, as we also often hear it from other dialects. 1. Subject Indicator Similar to téh, mah is also used to […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: téh

If you ever learn bahasa (Indonesian) you might have noticed that colloquial Indonesian is very diverse, influenced by local dialects. As a person who was born and grown up in Bandung, I didn’t know what makes Sundanese dialects different from Jakartanese, Medanese, Balinese, Javanese, or other dialects. Yet somehow, hearing non Sundanese tried mimicking Sundanese […]