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5 Reasons Why Programmer is an Artist

November 20, 2014 • English, Programming

Yesterday I just read a very interesting article about The Programmer’s Price. It’s mainly about how an entertainment agency has shifted from recruiting artists into recruiting programmers as their talents. Although artists and programmers seems unrelated at all, this agency maintains its talent management business model. That is, acting as a programmer’s manager, and handle […]

Launching Nualus.net

November 25, 2013 • English, Web Programming, Work Life

Starting up a company is not as simple as signing up a Paypal account. Signing up a Paypal account is still much straightforward. Actually, opening up a local bank account is still simpler than registering a company. Prior registering a company, there are number of legal documents required. And these documents have to be obtained […]

A Complete Rewrite of jQuery Wheel Color Picker

July 10, 2013 • English, Programming

It’s been two years since the first version of jQuery Wheel Color Picker plugin is out. Now the brand new version 2 is finally released featuring a complete rewrite and so many new good things to try! Complete Rewrite So the question is, why should we have a complete rewrite? Isn’t the first one is […]

Getting 3 Stars on Candy Crush Saga’s Timed Levels

May 1, 2013 • English, Mobile Games

Lately I have been so much into this simple yet addicting game, Candy Crush Saga. Actually it’s just a kind of match 3 game, but with more features, levels and objectives. One interesting level that I want to post here is about ‘timed’ level. It is a level where the player is given limited time, […]

PlayOnLinux Install Script for HOMM1

January 30, 2013 • English, PC Games, Programming

Yesterday I just played around with PlayOnLinux install scripts. Previously I have successfully installed Heroes of Might and Magic 1 bought from GOG.com to my Linux box using PlayOnLinux. There’s no PlayOnLinux install script for this game at the moment and manual install is not that straightforward. I needed to tweak a bit on DOSBox […]

Wheel Color Picker 1.2 is Out!

August 17, 2011 • English, Web Programming

Despite the two months age of the Wheel Color Picker plugin since its first debut, it is already used in various websites across countries. Therefore I am happy to announce the new release of jQuery Wheel Color Picker plugin! This new version adds some new exciting features and fixes: Setting preset value is now supported. […]

Hack Profil FB Dijadikan Online Shop Palsu

June 30, 2011 • English, Social Media

Kepada peselancar internet yang memiliki akun profil di situs-situs jejaring sosial agaknya perlu lebih berhati-hati dalam menjaga dari akses orang-orang yang tidak berhak. Baru-baru ini aku menjumpai postingan wall Facebook dari “toko online” yang menjajakan gadget high-end dengan harga sangat miring (mungkin seperti orang yang jualannya ). Ya, masakan Nokia N900 yang harga normalnya Rp […]

Converting Image to Grayscale with PHP

June 11, 2011 • English, Web Programming

As everybody knows, converting images offline into grayscale in GIMP (or probably Photoshop) is just 2 clicks away. But how about converting them on the fly? Anyways, here’s a simple steps to convert an image into grayscale with PHP and GD library. Getting Started Original Grayscale Let’s begin by choosing your image. For this example, […]

Heaven’s Connected 24/7

June 7, 2010 • English, My Life

In today’s world, everything’s just connected. Global connection services are just nearly everywhere. Cellphones, internet, emails, messenger services, blogs, Facebook, Twitter.. which one don’t you ever use? All of these give us information, fulfill our social needs. We get connected with friends, colleagues, and old buddies on Facebook. We find the most up-to-date and trending […]