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Uncluttering Blog

November 17, 2015 • Blogging, English

After a while, it feels like my blog has become cluttered. Just as cluttered as storing so many thoughts in the only one mind you own. Sometimes I couldn’t categorize what this blog is about. Is it about my personal life? Yep. Is it about my projects? Yep. About recent issues? Yep. About languages? Music? […]

Sok Geura Atuh, Geura Atuh Sok

In the blog series of Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese, we have discussed about words which are often used by Sundanese people when speaking Indonesian. Three of which are sok, atuh, and geura. What’s unique in Sundanese dialect is that these three words alone can be combined in any order to form a sentence and […]

Nightingale, The Best Music Player Alternative for Mac OS X

June 24, 2015 • English, Technology

Recently I just switched my laptop with a MacBook. Due to the new hardware components on this early 2015 series, Linux couldn’t detect the SSD, even with the latest 4.0 kernel. Hence I have to familiarize myself with Mac OS X. The first thing to do beside migrating all files was to install all applications […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: mah

Continuing the series, we have previously discussed a commonly used particle téh. Now I will add another similar particle which is also commonly used in Sundanese dialects: mah. This particle is not unique to Sundanese, as we also often hear it from other dialects. 1. Subject Indicator Similar to téh, mah is also used to […]

Speak Indonesian Like a Sundanese: téh

If you ever learn bahasa (Indonesian) you might have noticed that colloquial Indonesian is very diverse, influenced by local dialects. As a person who was born and grown up in Bandung, I didn’t know what makes Sundanese dialects different from Jakartanese, Medanese, Balinese, Javanese, or other dialects. Yet somehow, hearing non Sundanese tried mimicking Sundanese […]

Bootstrap Oh Bootstrap

April 20, 2015 • English, Web Programming

After a while working on a few projects with Bootstrap, I finally decided that I really don’t like Bootstrap. Okay before you continue reading, I should give a notice that this post might contain rants than reasoning. …ok so you decided to continue reading anyway… It’s been a while after Bootstrap became popular when I […]

Moving Out, Moving In

April 17, 2015 • Blogging, English

After a while with Blogspot, and after a while using self-hosted WordPress for my other blog Urban Oasis, it’s time to migrate my blog to WordPress again. This time, I’m not using WordPress.com, but installing a self-hosted WordPress instead.