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Can you see the sky?

July 31, 2016 • English, Self Reflection, Work Life

When talking about dreams, one popular quote I often hear in Indonesia is to hang your dreams as high as stars in the sky. “Gantungkanlah cita-citamu setinggi bintang di langit.” Followed by a question, “What is your dream?” Most often this topic is addressed to students, especially during freshmen years.  Then as we graduate and […]

Releasing PopMenu to Public

July 29, 2016 • English, Web Programming

While cleaning up my harddisk, I found a personal project I have made in 2014. This mini project which I named it PopMenu is a jQuery plugin that lets you add right-click context menu (popup menu) to any HTML element on your web page. The plugin is fully functional. So rather than having it buried […]

Parks Parks Parks! Around Kuala Lumpur

If I have to say what one thing I like the most in Kuala Lumpur, it is about its parks! Especially because I was coming from Jakarta–before I got to KL–where parks are rarity. Indeed, for the last few years there have been new parks built in Jakarta. Since they are relatively new, you can’t […]

Mie Instan Rasa Indonesia

July 2, 2016 • Bahasa Indonesia, Experiences

Ketika sedang melihat-lihat rak mie instan di pasar swalayan, aku menjumpai produk Mamee Mie Goreng Indonesia. Eh tunggu dulu, gak salah ini rasa Indonesia? Padahal di Indonesia sendiri mie goreng ada banyak macam. Ada mie tek-tek, mie dog-dog, Indomie goreng spesial dan lain-lain. Seperti apa ya rasanya mie ini? Mari kita buka. Tidak seperti kebanyakan […]

Harga KFC di Malaysia dan Indonesia

Sebuah tempat makan yang tak bisa dihindari entah di negara manapun kamu berada adalah fast food. Entah itu McDonalds, Burger King, atau KFC. Karena belum lama ini aku makan KFC di Jakarta, dan kemudian makan KFC di Kuala Lumpur, maka masih teringat seperti apa rasanya dan apa bedanya KFC di kedua tempat tersebut. Super Besar […]